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The Lim Family - Holland, Michigan

Over the past two years, we have all seen a lot of changes. For some of us, it's been a complete change of location or vocation. Maybe it's a new baby or maybe it's that you now homeschool your kids. Whatever it is, I think we can all agree that when the sun comes out after a long winter, when the birds start to sing and you feel the sun on your face, you begin to breath again. That sigh of relief that the days WILL get longer, the days will warm up and maybe, just maybe, the thing that has created so much division, so much chaos and wrecked so many lives over the past two years will begin to loosen it's grip. Seeing my friends again after two years was a lot like breathing fresh air. It was like light peering in the window and heat coming off the sun. When you move, you hope that you will see your friends again - but when you both move to totally different states at the exact same time, it just sometimes feels so far. Then to see our kids playing on the beach together, splashing in the (very cold) Lake Michigan water, laughing together, playing's so surreal. So hopeful. So completely full of joy. Thank you, Jon and Faith, for driving 17 hours from Texas to visit us. We are thankful for you guys and so thrilled to spend a week just being with you. #lakemichigan #hollandmichigan #familyphotos #grandrapidsphotographer #beachphotoshoot

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