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Hannah & Zach - Cedarville, MI

There are certain moments in your life when you feel that reality check of your age....when your baby first says "Mama", or when your little brother or sister gets married. When you realize you're the oldest person in the room (and you're NOT teaching a class of 5 year olds). When you don't get ID'd at a restaurant and it hits you that you don't look 18 anymore. Or when you reference a movie you thought everyone knew and the response is, "What movie?" and you realize you've dated yourself. But the moment when you take pictures of the wedding of the first baby you ever held...whew. That's a big one. The little bit of Spanish I speak to my kids is because I babysat this beautiful little girl when she was first adopted. She was the first baby to ever fall asleep on me. She was the first toddler that tricked me into giving her snacks after bed. And now, here she is, having her own baby and entering into a covenant relationship with a man who loves her and will continue to care for her all her life. I'm so excited for you guys. Hannah and Zach, may God bless you and keep you. May his face shine upon you and give you peace. May every argument lead to reconciliation and growing deeper in your relationship with God and one another. All the adventures to come are no comparison to the Great Adventure after this life. Invest well. Live intentionally. Never cease to grow deeper in your love for Christ. We love you guys :)

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