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The Marshall Family - Liberty Park, Utah

Every photo shoot brings it's own unique-ness. Especially when you have kids involved...which is most often the case with family photography. Sometimes the kids loooooove the camera. They can't get enough of it. Sometimes they're just embarrassed that it's there. And every once in a while, you have that kid who would rather curl up in a ball and die than be photographed. Now, as a family photographer, I've gotten pretty good at getting kids to come out of their shell. I've got a whole slew of tricks up my sleeve from, "Can you make a silly face for me?" and "Can you tickle your brother for me? I think he really needs to be tickled!" to "Let's jump and dance!" or "Let me show you your picture!" And so far, I have been able to, one way or the other, (minus that one kid who just literally ran away in every picture....but we won't talk about that) every time, get them to get at least a few good shots....and last night, was almost the night that that changed. No amount of coaxing, prodding, pleading and begging was going to get this girl to cooperate. In the end, I still don't know how we got her picture. Divine intervention? That had to be it. Either way, it was still a joy to be outside in the gorgeous fall weather with this great family! Enjoy your images!

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