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The Cotting Family - Holladay, Utah

Gosh, I can't tell you how much I love taking pictures for the same family year after year...the kids grow up so much, and when I edit the pictures I can't help but be flooded by memories of when I did the NEWBORN pictures for them! AHH! It's such a bizarre and awesome feeling to watch these kids grow so much! The real joy is when you take pictures long enough that they get to the stage where A) They actually say "HI!" to you when you arrive on site and B) They actually smile for the camera - say what?! You guys are so much fun! Thank you for having me again this year!! I hope you love these!!

#family #utah #holladayutah #outdoorfamilyphotography #familyphotography #youngfamily #familyphotographer #fall2019 #familyphotos

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