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The Walker Family - Great Salt Lake, Utah

You know, I am a total lake snob. I'm from Michigan. Don't try me, Utah, you won't be able to make the grade. ....however. That "Great" Salt Lake, with those mountains of Antelope Island, with that sun setting...and this gorgeous family...all I can say is, "Wow." Okay, maybe I still wouldn't swim in it, but it does make for an incredible photo shoot. What an amazing way to end the summer! I am so thankful we got to spend this gorgeous evening in this gorgeous sunlight. I can't tell you what a blessing it was to be out there with these guys! Fall will be upon us soon and those fall colors will be fabulous, but tonight, with the sun and the heat - this was really nice :) Enjoy!!

#greatsaltlake #utah #familyphotography #fall #fall2019 #outdoorfamilyphotography #kids #family #youngfamily #familyphotographer #familyphotos

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