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The Catherman Family - Great Salt Lake, Utah

I remember when I first took pictures for this was just the two boys and they needed school pictures. We took them at a park and then their mom and I ended up talking for a bit afterward....suddenly, the boys started screaming and running (never a good sign) and it didn't take us long to realize that the eldest one had inadvertently found a wasp nest! So we all booked it in the direction of the car, trying to leave the wasps in our wake and not get stung. We didn't really succeed, but I did get a lovely little card afterward from saying "Thank you, Tracy, for saving my from the wasps!" - accompanied by some terrific art work ;) I won't quickly forget that day, and I'm so thankful that the rest of our photo shoots have been less eventful! This one included...although the smell of the lake could stand to be a little more pleasant ;) Thank you guys for withstanding the smell so we could get these beautiful pictures!

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