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Megan - Big Cottowood Canyon, Salt Lake City, Utah

I am pretty sure this girl does not get cold. I had on my huge parka coat and my hands were SO COLD by the time we were done! And here she is, in a tiny sweater and a beanie just playing in the snow! What a blast we had, heading up the canyon and enjoying the snow! It's been such a great winter for skiers (which makes a difficult winter for me ;) ) so it was great to get up there and see how tall the snow banks have gotten over the last few months! Now, this girl is celebrating the end of her high school career and her move into the next step! What a beautiful thing to see her joy as she says good bye to one phase of life and enters a new one! Congrats, Megan! I'll be praying for you as you head off in this new direction and see where God takes you!

#classof2019 #seniorportraits #senior #holladayutah #bigcottonwoodcanyon #femaleportrait

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