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Monroe - 9 Months?! - Memory Grove Park, Salt Lake City, Utah

It seems like it was only yesterday, that I attended this lovely couple's wedding day - and it was very similar in weather! End of April, we thought for sure we would get a nice Spring day for their wedding....nope. It snowed. And I definitely didn't wear the right shoes. This time, however, I learned my lesson! I at least wore the right shoes! When Jenna asked me if there was a good place that we could get shots with flowers for Monroe's 9 month pictures, I didn't realize how right I would be in saying it still looked pretty wintery up here! Yikes! Glad she bought that lovely bouquet to at least feign the spring look ;) So much fun, even though it was FREEZING, getting this little girl's photos....that is the sweet smile of a trooper right there! Hopefully her One Year Session won't be as blustery! ;)

#memorygrovepark #9monthphotos #babyphotos #infantphotographer #infantphotography #spring2019

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