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Miss Noel - Salt Lake City, Utah

Four years with this girl. She made me a mom. She has challenged me, grown me, and shown me what it looks like to love someone so much that you couldn't fathom what life would be like without them. It's amazing to think that God could take two people and create someone so different and unique out of you both. Noel, you are lovely. You don't just challenge me, but you constantly show me what grace looks like. Your forgiveness is endless. You have an elegance about you that I only wish I could possess - from your wardrobe full of fancy dresses (Which need to be worn daily) to your kiss on each cheek as you go to bed...not to mention the plethora of fancy words you've acquired. I love you, Noel - thank you for putting up with my imperfections.

And thank you for not pooping in your pants anymore :)

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