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Aria Lisette - Salt Lake City, Utah

You would think as a photographer I would spend equal amounts of time photographing my own children as I do other people's....alas, that is almost never the case, much to my own dismay and regret. However, I do try to get at least some pictures that aren't on a phone ;)

This child is a special one, because she will - God willing - be our last! There is also something about adding a third little girl to our troop that is extra special. Everyone keeps asking, "Why don't you try for a boy?" Which, after three girls, just makes me laugh out loud! I would only "try" for a boy if I was hoping to be disappointed! HA! But I was also even more excited just to simply add another girl to our midst. I never had a sister growing up, so to experience through their lives what that's like is an absolute joy to me.

She is so far loved and cherished by her sisters, who always ask after her and want to hold her and give her kisses. I'm praying that trend continues as she gets bigger and more inquisitive.

Welcome to the family, Aria Lisette!

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