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The Kelley Family - Manning Orchards, Fruit Heights, Utah

I love spring. I'm from Michigan, Spring was always the most anticipated least until you got to summer (that brief fleeting moment where the sun comes out and you can swim before it starts raining August.) However, being in Utah, I think Spring is now officially my favorite season. The colors, the flowers, the mild temperatures (since you hibernate during Winter and then hibernate in the air conditioning when Summer officially sets in out here....) but I love that suddenly everyone comes out of their homes, into the sunshine and I suddenly feel like I have energy again!

And that also means that places like Manning Orchards open their gates for a brief time and let photographers get some sessions in. What a great evening to spend some time with this fabulous family! Not too hot, not too cold, not too windy...and oh man, these kids.

Being a mom of two (almost three) kids under 4 years old, I know that getting family pictures done can be stressful. Heck, we only brave it every couple years when, apparently, we decide to add another child! So it was so fun to laugh and be silly with this family! Seeing their cheesy smiles, the way they love each other (at least in public ;) ) and encourage each other to smile and laugh for the camera ALWAYS makes my job a little easier - and the result a little better :)

Thank you for inviting me into this moment of your lives! What a great time it is!

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