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Sandy - Salt Lake City, Utah

I will never tire of seeing an image transform from the studio, to the lens and to the final product. I could nerd out all day about lighting and backdrops and poses....but I won't make you suffer through that. I'm sure this young lady feels the same way when she creates music. Writing the words on the page, seeing it transform into lyrics and become music's a marvelous feeling.

So needless to say, taking her photos for her Cover shot was beyond fun - it was AMAZING. I couldn't be more thrilled at the turnout and I am even more excited to hear her new single coming out in a couple weeks - if you don't already follow her, check out her first single "Casually" on Spotify! And until then, just enjoy these shots ;)

#moderndayglamour #saltlakecity #saltlakecityphotographer #studiophotography #coverphoto

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