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The Harris Family - WHAT?! That's US!

The general feel that I get from people when they are getting set up to do family pictures is....stress! It can be so stressful picking out the right outfits to coordinate together, hoping the weather will cooperate so that you don't have to worry about the kids being wet or cold or both....or your hair getting messed up because of wind, heat or rain. Or stepping in dog poop. Or the kids not napping well. Or the kids being hungry....

So many factors go into a 1 1/2 hour photo shoot, so many things to think about to make everything go smoothly....

But always, when the shoot is done, everyone breaths a sigh of relief and says "Hey, that was actually pretty fun!"

However, I always jokingly - half jokingly? - tell my clients when they say how stressed out they get about it each year, "Why do you think I only do ours every two???" HA! Except this year, we needed to update our family picture for my husbands ministry, not to mention the last time we did, we didn't have our second baby and I wasn't pregnant with our third!

So, Saturday morning, I mentally went through how to coordinate our clothes, what time to get out the door and set everything up so that we could finally get a family picture for the second year in a ROW!

I'm quite proud of myself.

And you know what? In the end, my husband and I walked with our chilly children back to the car, and I looked at him and said "Hey, that was pretty fun!"

So here we go, our self-timed family least the ones of the whole family ;) Enjoy!

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