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Autumn Alyssa - Fiercely Gorgeous or Gorgeously Fierce??

Well, I finally did it. My dream has come true. Ever since I first learned about modern day "glamour" photography, I thought - "How much fun would it be not just to photograph beautiful women, but pamper them as well??" I have always thought the idea of being able to bring a lovely woman into my studio and let her get all done up and gorgeous (because let's be honest, how many of us really have time for that anymore??) and then get her photo taken like a supermodel, would be the most fun in the world! AND IT WAS!! Thanks to my beautiful friend, Alyssa, she let me into her home (because, alas, I do not yet have studio space), with my giant backdrops and reflectors and move her furniture around - and come out with these AMAZING images!

If you're interested in scheduling a "Glamour" session with me, just shoot me an email or give me a call! I'd love to chat and arrange it!

#moderndayglamour #suebryce #makeover #naturallight #saltlakecityphotographer #saltlakecity #studiophotography

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