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Risen Life Church Staff - Holladay, Utah

Corporate Headshots are just a little something I started toying around with this year, and I absolutely love them. With family and wedding photography, it feels like you're flying by the seat of your pants most of the time - it's fast paced, you're hardly taking your face away from the camera because you don't want to miss that one awesome shot that will just make your whole day worth it.

But headshots are different. They are more calculated, more directed and more, well, intimate. If you can say that about corporate photography without sounding strange. You're up close and personal with someone, you still want genuine smiles but you get to work with lighting and techniques that you don't normally use in a natural light setting - at least, not to the same degree. It's more precise and let's face it, you don't have to click the shutter as much. I love working one on one with people and laughing with them - and they don't have to worry about where to put their hands! Does it get better than that? ;) Ha! Thank you, Risen Life, for inviting me to take your pictures! What a blast!

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