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The Jenkins Family - Holladay, Utah

One of the best things about having clients come back to you year after year after year is that you get to watch their kids grow. I mean, I know this family outside of photography, but every photographer knows when you get the kids in front of the camera something changes - especially if it's cold or they're being shy or their attention span just won't hold for more than five minutes. So it was especially fun this year to see these kids actually embrace the camera - they wanted to take pictures, they wanted to be silly, and even though their energy is matchless, it was so fun to chase them around and have them actually want to be in front of the camera this year! So, I'll probably include some of the funny pictures that I saved for the family because the boys made such great faces! But I tell you what, I might have to use some of these pictures later to really show the world what "brotherly love" means - seeing these three together was just so great. I know, as a parent, it's far from often like that, but hey, if you can catch one of the few moments on camera, so much better - am I right? I hope you enjoy these fun images - I sure did!

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