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The Graves Wedding - Highland Gardens, American Fork, UT

Samantha and Daniel have known each other for years. And I'm pretty sure everyone around them knew this day would come even before they did. After years - YEARS! - of courtship, patience and perseverance, Daniel finally married his bride. The weeks and months leading up a wedding, as we all know, come with so much stress and planning and an exhaustive amount of invitations and thank you cards - but the only thing that would give away the months of planning for this wedding was how perfectly it was executed. The bride was the picture of grace, the groom calm and collected and the joy that filled every face was obvious to anyone who could see. However, I should have put money on that the groom would cry during the first look, because I could have made a few extra dollars on this wedding ;)

Congratulations, Samantha and Daniel! Here's to many joy filled years to you both!