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#3 - My Husband

After a brief interlude for a portrait blog, I thought I'd get back into telling you guys about some of my favorite things. I was going to save this one for last, because well, sometimes the best things are best saved for last - however, I rented a Softbox the other night to play around with and my beloved husband agreed to be my subject...and I didn't think I could keep these pictures hidden for any length of time.

Zak and I met in March of 2011 and we were married in October of 2011. I lived in Michigan, he lived in Utah and we spent about 3 weeks of that 7 months together in person - everything else was Skype, Text or Phone calls. Everyone in Michigan thought I was crazy. Any maybe I was, but I have never had any regrets.

I am so grateful to have this guy in my corner. He makes me laugh, is patient with me when I act like a three year old, and has supported me in every endeavor I choose to undertake - which isn't always the easiest thing to follow. He helps steer me back on track when my brain runs away with me, reminds me constantly of God's grace and never fails to make pancakes on Sunday morning for our girls ;)

I hope we have a lifetime together. Here's to you, Zachariah.

Thanks to Acme Camera Company for the Softbox and Speedlite Adapter!

#studiophotography #headshots #acmecameracompany

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