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#2 - The Great Outdoors

After the last few days of being out in the woods, I thought it only fitting that I list my next favorite thing be....

The Great Outdoors

Keep in mind, these things are not at all in order! HA!

I grew up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where I spent the good portion of my growing up outside - whether it was swimming in Lake Huron, running barefoot in the woods or going for rides with my dad on rainy evenings looking for toads.

So needless to say, when I get to be outside, there is something inside me that lights up and warms in a way that nothing else can ignite. Perhaps that's part of the reason that I enjoy taking outdoor portraits so much - that connection with the natural beauty of God's creation.

My husband will be the first one to tell you that if I need to be cheered up, just take me on a hike. We just spent the last two days with some good friends up in one of the nearby canyons. It's so beautiful this time of year with all the green sprouting up - and the Moose tramping around nearby! I absolutely love it. Not only did we get to go camping - sans children! - but our friends and my dear husband let me suggest a reallllllllllly long hike through the mountains during our trip. Boy, did that bring joy to my heart! Trudging up steep slopes, crossing bubbling brooks and reaching the top just to overlook beautiful wildflower-covered basins and breathing the fresh air...nothing compares to that.

So, I hope that you enjoy these pictures and that they breathe life into you as much as they do for me!

#bigcottonwoodcanyon #Camping #hiking #campfood #familyphotography

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