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Moulton Family - Daybreak, Utah

I first met this couple when we were both newly married and neither of us had kids. That was almost six years ago. We ate tacos, laughed and talked a lot - and now how much more we have to talk about! Our kids are similar ages and we laugh about how different they are. I marvel at how Alyssa can keep up with her insanely active 3 1/2 year old AND make everything from scratch (Her chocolate banana cupcakes are amazing, by the way...) I'm afraid that if my kids were any more active, Betty Crocker and Marie Calendar would be doing most of my cooking! Being able to take their family's photos every year is a joy that I never knew I would have. There is something to be said about growing with another family - just how much fun it is to get to know them, watch their kids not only get bigger but develop their own personality. Time goes by so quickly, I can only imagine what will change in another 6 years! I'm sure we will all have a lot more gray hair ;) Thank you guys for inviting me, once again, to join your family to document another year of growth! And dare I say survival? ;)

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