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Shaw Family - Miller Park Path, Salt Lake City, UT

I absolutely love doing pictures for families more than once. Not for the reason you may think, but because my clients end up feeling more like friends than customers. I love connecting with families and building relationships and watching them grow and change through the years. The last photo shoot I did for this family was two years ago and it was so fun to get together with them again, go for a walk and laugh about life, kids and so many other things.

There are so many reasons I love what I do, but this has to be the number one reason. I often times end up inviting my clients out for dinner or coming home from a shoot telling my husband about how I made plans to hang out with a new family and over the winter he finally told me, "Tracy, I love you, but I think you need to stop making new friends...we are running out of time to hang out with the ones that we have!" HA! That's a good problem to have, right? ;)

LOCATION: Miller Park Path, Salt Lake City, UT

#familyphotography #familyphotographer #saltlakecity #outdoorfamilyphotography

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