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Mountain Top Proposal, Grandeur Peak, Utah

Something I have always wanted to do is be there in that moment when a man proposes to the woman he loves. I have always hoped that someday I would be asked by some gentleman - who was wise enough to plan ahead and think about such things - to be there when he proposes to his future wife. Many people don't think about that. It's such a beautiful, intimate moment and I think the man is mostly just thinking about the words he will say hoping his voice won't crack due to nervousness and mostly hoping he will be met with equal emotion and not just a blank stare! A photographer is the last thing on most people's minds when they are making their plans. I don't blame them.

But my hope prevailed! And this awesome guy asked me a few weeks before his planned proposal if I would accompany them on a hike and be there to photograph the event. YAY! There is nothing I like more than intermixing a portrait session and a HIKE. Not to mention with two super awesome people.

The hike was muddy, steep and glorious. The view couldn't be beat. The spot was perfect, the weather was perfect - we couldn't have asked for a better afternoon. The guise for the shoot was that I was just going to take some pictures at the top for my portfolio - I couldn't have been happier with the result, and I think, neither could he!

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