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Log Haven Wedding - Salt Lake City, Utah

I met this bride almost five years ago over a conversation that somehow ended up at Ultimate Frisbee and we became fast friends. Needless to say, when she told me she was getting married I was very excited - albeit skeptical, as friends often are - to meet the man that she had chosen to give her heart to. I was not disappointed. With his jovial and witty personality, he's a hard man not to like - and to see the two of them together, well, let's just say that all the challenges they will face will be well met with the team that they make.

It was such a wonderful day, watching all the details unfold, seeing the hard work of friends and family come together in every decoration, every smile, every unfolding of the tablecloth. It's almost magical when all the sweat, blood and tears of planning a wedding comes down to this one day - this beautiful, perfect day. Perfect not in that the weather was perfect, or that the photographer didn't get the stomach flu the night before, but perfect in that at the end of the day, this marvelous couple is married and gets to look forward to the rest of their lives together. That is perfection.