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The Beauty of Being Unique

I just finished up my last round of Flash Family Photo Sessions for the season...and it was a BLAST. I'm an extrovert, so when I have an opportunity to see and chat with several families in a short period of time, I can't help but feel elated! The weather was looking a little bleak in the morning, but with a few prayers it held off until right after we finished up!

I always love Christmas. It brings so much joy and although I can easily get caught up in the materialism of it all, it's the time where I remember that I am so loved by our Almighty God that he sent his only Son to live and die for us.

These photo sessions this week were so much about life - no two families are the same. No two people are the same. From young families who are just beginning to my "empty nesting" friends - who, may I just say, totally rocked the Christmas spirit! - it was a wonderful array of beautiful people.

The challenge as a photographer, is to be different. The book of Ecclesiastes says "there is nothing new under the sun" - and it's true. We see the same fashions return, hair styles (except hopefully not those 80's bangs everyone still talks about...) and even hobbies.

As a photographer, you not only want to set yourself apart from other photographers, but you want to be able to set each of your photo sessions apart from one another. So yesterday was a new challenge for me. It's a huge challenge to be creative hour after hour while shooting in the same location. The sun rises and sets and the light will change throughout the duration of time you are there, but you still have to be creative - different poses, different angles. The last thing I want is to post the same five pictures from five different sessions. I love having help from my clients - poses they have seen and like

or just the ability to relax and laugh in front of the camera. There is nothing more fun than going through my photos afterward and seeing how, even though I was in the same location, each batch of shots is unique - just like the families in them.

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