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The In-Between Moments

I absolutely love photography. When I first got into it, I didn't think I would ever be a portrait photographer. I wanted to move to Nevada and photograph wild horses. Why Nevada? I have no idea. I was in grade school, give me a break. But now, however many millions of years later, I have fallen in love with everything that is portrait photography. I love the people, I love finding that perfect light that makes the photos come to life, but mostly, I love those moments in between all the shots. The moments when the kids are going crazy, when my camera equipment is being investigated,

Last week I got a lot of those moments. It helps when you're shooting with friends that are more like family. So naturally, I have to share some of these with you. It doesn't get a whole lot better than this.

At the end of the night, when I get to look through my photos, nothing brings me more joy than knowing I did my absolute best to capture the personalities of my clients...and succeeded.

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