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Can I just say, FREAKIN' FINALLY!

From the moment I met this bride, I knew that she had a solid head on her shoulders and that love was rooted deeply in her heart. And from the time I met this groom, I knew that he would be the one to care for her and lead her well. It's not often you feel that way about a couple. And it's not often that you get to walk with them through the ups and downs and frustrations that come in a relationship. Let's be honest, not everything goes exactly as we plan it. And relationships are work - beautiful work, but work takes commitment and that is one thing you have to know going into this. And boy, these two have been committed to each other for the last FIVE YEARS.

I must say, if that were me, I would have let that ship sail a long time ago - but I'm impatient. And these two were not. They took the time they needed to finish school, to work through their varied expectations of when they would get married and ultimately learned to trust one another more through it all.

I always get emotional at weddings - like I said in my last post, it reminds me of the commitment I made to my own husband and the ups and downs that have commenced since we made our vows.

However, when Matthew and Shannon were pronounced "Husband and Wife" I about lost my marbles. To watch their faces erupt with unbelievable joy as they realized that the day, the moment, had finally come that they would officially be spending their lives together was a remarkable one. As they walked down the aisle together, I could hardly see through my lens for the tears that were streaming down my face.

What joy, what great joy and grace that allows us to fall in love and spend our lives growing and learning from one another. The journey that these two have begun - like so many - is such an unpredictable, rollercoaster of every emotion you could imagine. It will be adventurous, monotonous, joyful, frustrating, elating and everywhere in between. Congratulations you two! So glad we got to be a part of your BIG day.

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