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Has It Been 40 Weeks Yet?

The last week of pregnancy seems to draaaaaaaag no matter how many things you have planned. BUT, it does seem to go at least a little bit quicker when you have friends who are willing to brave the potential threat of your water breaking or slow their pace down a little bit so that this waddling wonder can keep up and go for a walk...and THEN it gets even better when your friend asks if you can take some pictures of her and her daughter, just for fun! Heck YES! No better way than to see if my body can do squats and still at least kind of bend over than to take the camera to a beautiful park to get some pictures of some beautiful friends.

The biggest challenge is always getting the little ones to hold still and smile for the camera - but hey, the most fun about toddlers is that they just do what they want....including run away. But you can still get some fun pictures :)

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