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Let's Go Outside!

It has been rainy all week over here in the city of Salt Lake. So after a couple days of enduring it and finding indoor activities to stay occupied, my daughter had finally had enough. Her 21 month old self padded out to the living room, pointed out the window at the dreary clouds and proclaimed, "OUTSIDE! OUTSIDE!"

So I decided since we aren't made of sugar, I could awkwardly zip up a rain jacket around my 39 week pregnant belly and properly clothe my daughter and go OUTSIDE! - as she so radically exclaimed. And really, what better opportunity to take your camera than when your daughter first discovers puddles...

Some days, especially right now as I prepare for our second child, it is easy to forget the simple joys of being outside. To get caught up in the chores that need to be done, the naps that I want to take, the dinner that won't cook itself...

But sometimes, it is far more important to take 30 minutes, go outside in the rain, and let your toddler get absolutely soaking wet.

This is joy.

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