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Rainy Day Parade

There is nothing I like more in a photo shoot than a good bank of clouds. I think I confuse most of my clients when I say that, but I SO enjoy shooting in the nice, diffuse light that the clouds provide - it almost feels like I'm cheating. The colors are more even, no heavy shadows...the only problem is that threat of rain...but hey, my Grandma always says, "It's a parade!" anyway, so I might as well embrace it, right?

And then, it never hurts to have a super adorable subject to focus your lens on, as well.

The thing I love about photographing toddlers, is that you can't really make them do anything. You just chase them around and try to capture their intrigue and life as they want you to see it.

...and sometimes I have the gall to say, "Hey, sweetheart, can you stand over here??" And the response I get is, "No, thanks."

Well, I tried.

Thanks to this little gem for a wonderful morning of photography fun! And helping me forget for a few minutes that I'm 37 weeks pregnant ;)

#toddler #photography #rainyday #blueeyes

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